Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do I Knit?

Hell's yes. I knit.

But sometimes, I spin.

I've been spinning.

Mostly spinning because I can't see straight. I think sucking down all that semi exhaust has done something to my brain.

It's that or the rum and coke I've been drinking to ease the pain from the, you guessed it, highway clean up.

The Ogre was asked how long I was going to milk this whole road clean up thing. I said until I could walk straight.

He said I never walked straight, and pointed to the wobbly lines I mowed in our lawn. I said we're definitely going to need more rum then.

Blaine and Omar
Relatives, not litterbugs


Dawn said...

Why is the rum gone???

Cimorine said...

spinning! well, at least your doing something fiber-related! YARN!!