Monday, July 06, 2009

Apparently We're Viral,,,and Top 10

It's highway clean up time!!

Oh, you think that's odd, do you?

Other people do...check the buzz at 30 Strange Adopt A Highway Signs. We cracked the top 10.
A big Thank You to Faith in Cleveland for the link!!! We are famous every where!!! Knitters in the house, YO! (That's a YO, not a yarn over this time.)

So, come, join in the fun, the awesome and the STRANGE

Ok Friends, Romans, People who need Volunteer Hours, Kids over age 12,

Our first clean up Meet Up is

Saturday July 11th, 2009 at 9am (0900 hours)
exit 85 McDonald’s Galesburg parking lot

I know this is early, but July has the potential to be hot. If this is too early for you, please drop your car off at McDonald’s and give me a call (I will give you my private secret phone number if you volunteer!!) I will arrange a pick up for you. (This will also be a potty break for early workers. This is pretty awesome, no?)

From there we will be carpooling to the side of the highway in groups.
Bring a water bottle
Wear work clothes
Expect to get dirty

I will have several pairs of gloves, and big cooler of water in my car, along with bug spray, a first aid kit, and random other stuff that we may need.

Other handy stuff-a grabber nabber-aka a picker upper thing-a piece of wood with a nail in it to pick up creepy stuff.
a hat

If you don’t already have your safety vest, Spinsanity will have one for you the day of pick up.

We will schedule another day during the week, and possibly the following Saturday as needed.

Sorry to be so serious, but we have to be. Your safety is our biggest concern. Again, thank you for volunteering your time.

If you are a college or high school student who is doing this for volunteer hours, please bring your form to be signed. Thank you.

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Matt Church said...

Way to go! About time you all got some recognition!