Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July Awesome!

There was this sweet young thing at the Home Parade yesterday. It wasn't the Pigs, trust me they look sweet, but they aren't.

No, not the ponies.

Not the alpacas.

No, no, not the bunnies either.

He had a short sleeve white dress shirt, a tie and a name tag. An impressionable youth, and I just had to corrupt him!

I think he liked it.

Sure, other people where helping, and being informative while I was tattooing up the Creek.

Em and Crystal with Curly Top on a spinning wheel. Carina taught knitting.

Andrea and Family taught the world the Wonder of Alpaca. Plus the bunnies, the pony rides, a big weird music thing playing polka or some other German dance music, the Antique Engine Club, and a bunch of Games. I missed a bunch of it due to the tattooing.

Hey! How were the 25th Annual Home Grange Parade Olde Tyme games? Fun, Funny, and a plain riot!!!

Ok, I only got photos of the 3 legged race. But we also had a water melon seed spitting contest, egg toss, nail driving contest and a penny hunt for the kids. As often said at the Grange "A good time was had by all."

A big thank you to everyone who made it out there, a hearty welcome to new faces, and a good to see you again to old friends. Hope to see you all again soon! Hey!!

Grange Chicken BBQ July 10th!!! See you then?

If you are interested in learning more about the Grange or Zombie Prom Date Knitters activities please leave a comment here or feel free to email me.

Spinsanity Spindles are available at her etsy site

Wonder Why Alpaca Farm Alpaca! Alpaca! (eggs too!)

Knitting instruction
by Carina

Networking, Home Grange Info, Zombie Prom Date Knitters info-HERE!!! KNIT with SNOT

Bunnies-I can get the info if you are interested=I know people. I don't know what kind of bunnies they have or their names of phone numbers, but I know people.


Andrea said...

I love the fact that my daughter managed to be right in the horse pic (on the back end, of course)....I think she was cuter than the girl on the horse and she wasn't even trying. You go, Sister Bear!

Thanks again for an awesome day!

Carina said...

It was an amazing day. I've got pics of the games up (almost--getting there) on my blog. And here's the silly thing: I never did get to teach anyone knitting. I did teach a couple of kids how to spin, but no one was interesting in the knitting. Maybe next year.

mono loco said...

I LOVE the pic of you in front of the alpacas with Carina in the back giving you the "Girl, you so crazy!" look. Priceless.

Linda said...

Mono Loco beat me to it again! Bina; that look is priceless!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, it was a crazy fun day the whole way around. Really, thanks to everyone for being there!!

I think I got more than one funny look Saturday!!!

Carina said...

That was my "is she taking a picture and did I just screw it up?" look. :)

Anonymous said...

that music thing is called a calliope. it's one of my favorite words. I kind of want to name a baby that one day, but I'm sure that no one will let me, so maybe a kitten.