Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zombies, Cheese, and Fluff

There was not one, but two plates of flaming cheese last night! It was cheesy fire fantastic!!!

Sadly Tory was not our OPA! waiter this month, nor were we able to have our impromptu baby shower for last month's pregnant waitress....

just when the ZPDK's were able to pull it together to have an impromptu shower, girl got herself relieved from employment at previously stated dining establishment.

I don't know if Theo & Stacy's wants us back next month. We weren't asked back, and we kind of cleared the place out. We were kind of loud. I mean I know why my friends get irritated at me.

I'm pretty sure with Spinsanity it's the evil camera.

I always pull out the evil camera at extreme close range usually while someone is telling a joke, or doing something silly.

Chrystal is a really good photographer. Which in turn means she does not approve of having her photo taken. Especially snap shots.

Especially snap shots taken of her by the evil camera, by me. Dang, the evil camera strikes it's evil shutter of doom again! Look Chrystal is teaching Jane to spin! Evil had to document this moment! Again, evil camera.

Oh, and then there is Jane. I sort of asked her to write a permission slip so I could take her son on a road trip through the south. He's 18 and we are planning on doing a scientific study on the difference between strip joints in the North and South.

We are going to take into account the prevalence of buffets in the North, how far south you have to travel, the number of Peaches, Pecans and Porn billboards until you get=100% buffets in the strip clubs. Then I will make an ipod app with the data. We will be rich.

But I can't figure out why the Ogre is always so torqued off at me. Is it because I pick on the size of his Ogre feet?

Or because I finally got him to agree to the beagle through common sense and a good arguement?

Eh, what are you going to do?


Carina said...

I love beagles. They're so darn cute.

It sounds like a lovely time was had by all. I doubt Theo and Stacys would kick you guys out, though. That's not their style.

Susie said...

Knitting + Cheese = Heaven

Jane said...

When I read your blog post to Alex, he said "I would totally do that!"

Holly Bee said...

Ah, that Alex! He's, I can't decide-trouble, good? FUN!!!!