Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You had Storms, We had ADVENTURE!!!

Harry Potter at Science and Industry

We saw Ron's "R" Weasley sweater. Sure, not technically book accurate, but sweet to see in person. His bed spread by the way, is not quilted, it's all hand knit. Our Orange and Green Barbara J. Hopps Charity Blanket from last summer is totally Molly Weasley approved!

A bunch of outfits, and props, and, and stuff from the movies were in the exhibit. It was overwhelming, and awesome.

Plus, Twilight fans-I saw Robert Pattinson's outfits from Goblet of Fire. He's short.

Everywhere we went we said "is this a museum or a dance party?!" Why, because it was fun and we were constantly dancing.

Dinos at Brookfield Zoo

Oooh, Pirates at the Field Museum.

Here's the list of things I didn't get photos of because the evil camera crapped out:

Bacon in my "vegetarian salad" at the Field Museum

Margarita Flight (6!) at Fuego Loco, plus the sampler I begged off the waiter due to over salsa consumption.

Copernicus statue in front on the Adler Planetarium. We named our new dog after him, we needed a photo.

Gangsta Wedding Party. Full tails on the tuxes, hats, everything trimmed in pink, face piercings, tats, flower girls, and the bride wore white. It was beautiful and punk rock all at the same time. All this, no evil camera!

Groendyke tanker truck-Really? The jokes were flying like mad in the Mazda. Sadly, no photographic evidence.

But, alas, we had to return home. You'll be glad to know during our down time I did manage to conquer entralac knitting. You might say I conquered it as well as I do any knitting technique. Plus, there will be photos of that in the near future, because like all things that die, the evil camera is back!! I know have an evil zombie camera!


tracyb said...

Oh it sounds like you had so much fun! I know, I didn't have my camera to document my first up north wedding, complete with camouflage baseball hats and vests for the male contingent of the bridal party, including the bride and grooms newborn, and little feed bags with candy corn instead of the traditional almonds. Can't wait to see your entrelac. I'm too scared to try it.

Linda said...

You guys always have the best adventures!
BTW: LOVE that you dress the boys alike for the museum. I have FL vaca pics of us kids all dressed alike. When we complained Mom said "If one of you gets lost I want to beable to point and say She was wearing this!" LOL!

Holly Bee said...

I started carrying a camera everywhere because crazy things always happened and no one ever seemed to believe me. Oh, snappy canon how I miss you!

As for matching shirts-I love it! It's so nice! Sadly, we had the same color as a school group one day and almost lost Pig 2.

Plus! at the zoo there was a Harry Potter Field Trip-full uniform, wizard hats and all-no camera!!

Andrea said...

Awesome! Now I want to go see the exhibit. My kids love Chicago anyways!

LOVE the scarf...it's rockin!

kristina eh? said...

That sounds like my kind of "vegetarian", that salad. Where was that place? I'd love to go in and say: give me a vegetarian salad... but hold the lettuce and give me some extra bacon! LOL

Good to be back reading your blog. Missed ya!