Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Pig Books-Good for you too

Summer Reading for your kids and you when they're done and you are wondering why they read it so quickly:

100 Cupboards, N. D. Wilson-in the grand tradition of "holy crap there are other worlds just through there" of CS Lewis, join Henry on what seems like a normal summer at his Aunt and Uncle's house in Kansas when he discovers the 100 Cupboards. Available at Target. 1st of a series.

Lightning Thief
, Rick Riordan-Ordinary, strike that, worse than ordinary kid discovers his bad luck is actually because he's a half human half Greek God. Follow his and other kids like them on their adventures to save Zeus' Lightning Bolt. 1st in a series.

Magyk-Septimus Heap, Angie Sage At first you go "Gee, total Harry Potter rip off." But then the story takes off and it's really fun. Some neat stuff, fun, and really different things going on. 1st in a series. Author really gets in her own by book 2. Book 3 was my fav. Fun to listen to in the car on trips with the Pigs. Final book in series coming out this September.


Harry Potter Series...Missed out during the hoopla? Well, join the fun. The latest movie comes out July 16th see what all the fuss is about. It's worth the buzz. Then you can go see the AWESOME at the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago and get a taste of the Magic.

Half Magic-Edward Eager-this one has been forgotten over the years, but is a really good one. A little bit for the younger crowd, but feel good summer magic.

The Hobbit-JRR Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings-JRR Tolkien

Chronicles of Narnia-CS Lewis


Kristina the crazy cat woman said...

Narnia!!!!! Fond memories.

Glad to hear that the Pigs are going to enjoy a very productive and educational summer. LOL

Holly Bee said...

Yes, productive. If only I could get them to do lawn work.

Andrea said...

I have the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Narnia series all on audio....I can listen to them over and over again plus I am such a freak that I also own the paper copies. My kids love the audio versions and I can't wait for them to get to the level that they can read the books too.

Thanks for the other summer reading tips!

kate said...

Have your Pigs read any William Sleator or Douglas Hill? My brothers adored their books when they were small. (Douglas Hill is all with the scary aliens, etc, and might be best for Pig #1. If you've seen the movie Pitch Black, the basic plot is totally ripped off of his Exiles of ColSec.)