Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Submarines are Awesome, especially in Michigan

Haven't heard from me in a while? We're you worried?

Well you should have been!!

I went from this...

to this...in just mere hours. See my stretched arms? That's my sleeping space. See my legs? Below me was my friends sleeping area. Can you guess where we were?

For those who don't know, that's a WWII submarine. I went with Pigs 1 & 2 with their Cub Scout Pack. It was actually a riot. A well control riot, but a riot.

First, how often do you get to sleep on a sub, outside of the military, and especially in Michigan. I'm going with NEVER. Then, how often do you get to here normal, sweet everyday Moms say to their kids, honey, could you and your brother stand next to that gun so I can get a picture. I almost peed my pants.

I will not reveal the identity of said mother, I can tell you it was not me because I was yelling something else to my Pigs.

It's was more like "Hurry up and take the picture! I don't think I'm supposed to be up here

I wasn't. "keep off" was stenciled right on the anti aircraft guns. I love stencils!

After you tour a sub with 60 some kids, load them up with pizza, salmon, steak and soda what do you do by the fire? Well, I knit kidney kozies,

but what do normal people do? Sing Yellow Submarine!!! I have to say I laughed and had the best time with those kids at the fire. Everything was good times. Until...lights out.

Hey guys, where was it hottest to sleep?

Why? "HEAT RISES!!" Both Pigs chose bottom bunks. Good Pigs.

A sub filled with excited Cubs is loud. I went out and enjoyed the evening. There was a mild thunder storm and a beautiful cherry colored quarter moon. It was awesome.

At 3 am, it was considerably less awesome, and the moon was gone, but still, how many times will the Pigs and I get to stay on a sub? Hopefully, at least once more. Pig 3 needs to get in on this fun. Sign us up again!!!


Dawn said...

That is too awesome! I'll sign up for the next trip. BTW Holly, I like your hair . . . it looks great!

Linda said...

So COOL! Man, I never got to sleep on a sub when I was in Girl Scouts! We did like decoupage and crap! Subs are awesome!

Anonymous said...

THAT must've been a great camp out.
Could they tell you were a Mom, you look young enough to be one of the kids!!

Holly Bee said...


It really was fun!!! Cub Scouts is awesome!

But really, if there are any Girl Scout leaders out there, sign your troop up!!! This is a SWEEEEEEET trip!!!! Parents can make the troops awesome, GIRL POWER!

Matt Church said...

I always wanted to do this when I was their age. Lucky kids!