Saturday, June 06, 2009

No knitting, all filler

Instead of knitting, I've been working on this...

It's sort of reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter, if she were a zombie. This could be our banner for WWKIP day. That's World Wide Knit in Public Day for those of you who want me to utilize my entire sticky key board. Syrup people. It's everywhere.

Anyway, my other option is to up load that photo of Em and Chrystal I stole from Spinsanity and incorporate it into a banner. Same witty motto, with a real life prom photo included. Those two may never speak to me again though.

Please, weigh in. I need to order this stat.


Carina said...

Nah, I like that one, and we need Em's awesome strategery skills and Chrystal's wicked boot-kicking skills.

Oh, and Anna's finally learned how to knit and wants to join. She's more excited than I've ever seen her and having a ball working away on her scarf. We'll see how long this phase lasts (she's done this before but never actually knitted this much before), but she wants to come to the summer meetings now.

Anonymous said...

Em and Chrystal with sharpened shovels!

Andrea said...

I like the idea of both. What about having our prom girls on the right hand could always have a silhouette of them so Em and Chrystal's image is there but not their faces...they might not complain so much then.

It looks sharp like it is though.

Boy, I am a lot of help, aren't I?

Holly Bee said...

I think for know we are going to have to go with quick, free and that one.

But later, Em and Chrystal silhouetted with sharpened shovels and a hand rising from the grave is the way to go!!!