Monday, June 01, 2009

There was AWESOME involved!

Last year, there were like 80 people at the Kidney Walk. This year, a few more...

Sarah thinks it's because the shirts were cuter,

I think it's because we had these tough people busting heads and hollering threats "no ticket, no food!"
(young boys we tormented)
or "You want a drink? Donate to the Kidney Foundation and I'll consider it!"

But it may have been due to this fire powa...

These Guys hung out all day. I mean all day.
They also put up with a bunch of our crap.

Yes, yes, the pretty people were there too.

Oooh, and I was asked if I used to be a cheerleader. So, apparently I look like I could be a cheerleader who has gone to seed, or I am ditzy enough to have once been a cheerleader. I only say that because one of the girls locked her keys in her car. I replied "Oh! No! I was a combat boots and tshirt anti establishment girl!"

I've made Cancer Capes, Kidney Kozies, and now, I accidentally made a Lung Lovey.

thinks they should be Hugs from Holly, but I really don't do much work. I Tom Saywer you all into doing most of the work. So really, Hugs from Holly is just taking too much credit.
Don't kid yourselves. Sarah is in fact giving a back handed compliment. Something about 70's style owl's and avacodo kitchens.

You think you're tired now guys?

Jamie made friends with 2 new Dialysis Units who had never heard of Kidney Kozies!

We've got more work to do!!


Linda said...

AWESOME! Holly you are the modern day Tom Sawyer if I've ever seen one! Way to go!

Andrea said... it and they will come! Even if you get everyone to do the work, you crack the whip to get it going! Dad loves his lovey!

Holly Bee said...

I love the whip, but I love cracking it even better!!

I'm so happy to hear your dad likes the lovey!!