Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's been Awesome!

Sure, sure you think I haven't been posting because I've been off doing something fabulous. Well, you'd be wrong.

Or perhaps you think I've been having outdoor adventures with the Pigs. I have been know to do such things. I wish. Wrong again.

I must have broken something and have been confined to a chair/bed and have been knitting.
No, no, no!

I have been CLEANING! Something changed in my DNAwhen I stood on that stool and dusted the ceiling fan while Pig 3 swore about phone usage and accidental calling of 911. It's like you clean one crazy thing, and all you want to do is clean crazy things. Frig, yeah, clean. Drawers, glass shelves, dust collecting thing underneath, coils behind it-check, check, check, crazy person level CHECK!!! Dryer? I vacuumed the dryer vent, and under the dryer.

I'm now the cleaning equivalent of Spiderman. Stan Lee would be so proud. I'm sure he'd draw me as some hot mix of Stripperella with a feather duster utility belt and knitting supplies.


tracyb said...

Can you come to my house?

Linda said...

and then mine? Cuz if my DNA changes like that I'm going to drown myself:)

Cimorine said...

Well, like knitting, cleaning is a useful obsession-I mean hobby. Hey, it's better than pyromania!

Holly Bee said...

Cleaning is useful, and yet also done without a 401k. I'm planning on the soylent green route.

Pyromania, I've got Hysteria!