Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'll Never Give in!!

A job that is. Don't you go off thinking that I will steal one of those much sought after jobs. No, no not me. I won't take a job away from someone who needs it more. But the rest of the ZPDKers who were formerly not working are falling into the trap.

Elizabeth, formerly awesome, just got a job.

Who's next? Em, I hear they need help over at Dickman Road Vet. You'd end up saving all sorts of small exotic animals if you worked there. Also, I'm related to a Vet who works there, and my Mom used to be a receptionist there. I think I could vouch for you. Crap! I don't want to help you get a job!!

That WonderWhyGal and her Alpacas are going to be busy shoveling poo and shearing. Then, well, I'm not real clear on what happens to fluff, but I'm sure work is involved.

It's like a ruddy epidemic! Who will be left for me to hang out with? Abby! Don't go graduating from High School too quick on me! You and Spinsanity are going to be all that's left!


Linda said...

I've been working on the ELPH. I keep asking when I can retire, he keeps telling me 5 years. I've been asking for like 5 years! When do I get to retire??? This work thing sucks!

tracyb said...

Gainful employment is overrated!

Andrea said...

Oh, I will easily teach you all the alpaca fluff and poo training....and the bonus! I won't pay you so you technically won't be giving in and getting a job...you'll just be working.

Of course, your reward might me some of that luxurious paca fluff!

Holly Bee said...

Andrea, that sounds AWESOME! Wait, is this how I get tricked into doing so many volunteer things?

Also, I agree gainful employment is overrated!

Keep working on him Linda! Your day will come!