Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hey! Goat Girl!

Shelly, Shelly, Shelly.

(This is Shelly, not me)

You moved, so I single white femaled your hair cut.

I could put in a photo of my new hair, but really, just go look in your mirror.

So how did I end up with your hair?

I said to Katie, "Hey, Katie, I need my hair cut!"

She said "I thought so, that's what you said when you made the appointment. So, what are you doing thing summer?"

Then I said "Well, you know, supervising a bunch of Cub Scouts on an overnight trip on a submarine, doing some camping, a lot of out side stuff. You know, my hair seems really long now and I keep getting syrup in it."

I think she was just doing me a favor.


Bec said...

Ohhh short hair. I was just thinking it might be fun to cut it all off.

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture of Shelly during Shark Week, that piece of cake didn't stand a chance!

mono loco said...

Well, it is seldom that I get syrup in my hair. Note the lack of frosting in my hair during the "this cake is going DOWN" photo. It is indeed sassy, and practical. Excellent move on Katie's part.

Ironically, I'm getting my hair cut today and the stylist keeps leaving it too long - right now I'm sporting both Veronica Lake bangs and a mullet -- shudder.