Monday, June 22, 2009

Go Check Wonder Why...

So yeah, I left you...but I'm back, and I love you more due to the time away.

The Ogre made me leave all connections to the outside world at home. It's not like we went to a great barren wilderness untouched by technology or with crappy wifi. We were in Chicago. I was like the only person in Chicago without technology.

While we were at the museum of Science and Industry, I hot wired some equipment and logged onto twitter. It was very oo7. I felt sexy and then shot someone too.

Anyway because of my lack of ipod, my evil camera got sad and died midtrip. Right now it is having surgery. It may or may not recover. So there will be a long list of exciting things that I missed getting photos of because of camera failure. The Ogre was expecting a Unicorn to dance by at anytime due to all the awesome I was missing out on.

So for now, I lead you over to Andrea at Wonder Why Alpaca Farm. She and many other of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters were able to make it to Your Local Yarn Shop and 104.9's Roof sit for the Haven. IN A THUNDERSTORM!!!

Because that's how dedicated to the cause of saving the world they are.


Andrea said...

I Hope Chi-town enjoyed Snot, Pigs and Ogre....because you were totally missed! Tell ya what, though, carrying the evil camera is a heavy sword to bear. Yikes! Everyone cringed when I pulled it out. I think they thought they were scott free with you out of town. bahahahaha

Holly Bee said...

Thank you for carrying the evil torch. You have to be sneaky. You'll notice I have a lot of photos of people's backs, and shoes, and well people flipping me off. Ok, I like shoes.

tracyb said...

Hey, so everyone is ok over there? I heard there were some wicked storms, torndoes and such, just wanted to check!

Holly Bee said...

Here's the info from'll have to cut and paste, I'm a dork.