Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Again with the Cake

So, like I said 3 pigs in less than 4 years. Today is Pig 1's bday. He's barfing. Happy Barf Day to Pig 1.

Maybe it's due to eating so much frosting lately.

Maybe it's due to the toxic food coloring used to make the orange glow in the dark.

Hey, how did Pig 2 get so big? That's my brother in law Kevin. It's his birthday month too.

You know the Ogre's base line is grumpy, right? Well, I did this thing. We had a lot of cake so I took some over to the neighbors. You know, to be neighborly. When I came back, I had adopted a beagle. It was awesome.

The Ogre did not so much think so.

I don't stress about this stuff or pull out my hair, I just cut it all off.

It seemed less painful, and really, I didn't have to clean up the mess that way. Now dog crap and zombie parts. I'm going to be doing that for life.


Andrea said...

Oh, how I love that look of love the Ogre is giving you! I can see now what the attraction was ;-)

He just needs some sloppy beagle kisses to turn him around.



Linda said...

First; Hair cut is totally AWESOME!! (Thinking of getting mine super short too)
Second; Totally awesome cake!
Third; Pretty kitchen!
and last; Beagles are great for sniffing out Zombies! Enjoy!

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for all the love ladies!

The cake hurt to look at!

The kitchen is my mom's. Mine is not safe for humans to go into.

The Ogre is now on the Beagle's side.

tracyb said...

Pictures of the beagle please! And I love your hair! Totally cute!

Holly Bee said...

I don't get the new Bubba until Thursday. He's spending some last snuggle time with his original family. Ok, I'm trying to clean my house and get it new dog ready.

Photos asap!

Susie said...

You, my dear, are a glutton for punishment. But one with a very cute haircut!