Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prom Desses AHOY!

I totally stole this photo from Spinsanity, but well, yeah, like she said some actually Zombie Prom Date Knitters went to Prom, so it must be documented.

To counteract this photo, I will tell dumb things I did this weekend. It will make Chrystal feel better.

I was trying to flip the composter, and got stuck on top of it. I had to have Pig 1 go inside to get the Ogre to help get me down. The Ogre asked why I didn't just jump. So I showed him.

When I leaned forward to jump, my ass out weighed my front and started to throw me into the fence. It was like my own awesome back yard rodeo, with all the neighborhood kids watching!

Things I found in the back yard:
A snake, baby robins, a golf ball. A rose bush that is in league with the zombies to take over the world. It has been removed from the premises on numerous occasions and has been crawling it's way back. It's finally made it to the fence, and damn that thing is pretty. Plus, it took all that time to grow from the field, why argue with it now.

Things I've learned. My knitting is magic. As soon as I try on the mitered square, turned log cabin shawl thing to see if it's big enough, I fall asleep.

Magic, right.

So it's either so ugly I can't stand to look at it, or this whole lawn work thing may be why no knitting is getting done.

What was the Ogre doing? He made pies.


Linda said...

"my ass out weighed my front " Yea I can so relate. Mmmm pies. I love pie. Are we seeing a cycle here?

mono loco said...

The girls look gorgeous!! I hope that they had fun at prom!

crissi said...

do all pictures of me make me look like a dork??? I haven't even seen this one yet this one makes the bad ones i deleted off my camera look good I'm like falling over and laughing at the same time. girr...okay there's my rant...bleh
PS this must be the worlds longest comment
PSS i love the "choose an identity" thing when you go to leave a comment...i feel like a spy or something...who do I want to be today???