Friday, May 22, 2009

Pretty Flowers come at a Price

Miracle Grow, the connect to the hose kind, says all over it "keep away from children" "DANGER" blah, blah, blah.

Pig 3 and I had the this is a dangerous chemical stay away talk. Then I stuck my thumb into the jug while removing the protective covering. I will have one long thumb. SWEET! I will become a hitchhiker!

I when I finally got it screwed onto the hose and the water running, the dangerous chemicals then would not dissolve. I think it was because I am generally opposed to dangerous chemicals and I was still having my mixed feelings.

I had so much trouble with it I feel, they should also add "keep away from hippies." I think I'll try again tomorrow, while wearing deodorant.


me said...

so the connection with deoderant... I'll be thinking of that tomorrow when we're in the garden.. and I'm trying to kill slugs with just salt, and no harmful chemicals..(well, not harmful to us!)

Carina said...

That stuff gave me the willies when I looked at it in the store, and I wondered about whether it could dissolve at usual hose water pressure.

Then again, I just sprayed the apple tree, blueberry bushes, and another two bushes with some weird white and black spots all over them with really scary chemicals. I still can hardly believe I did that. That stuff smelled nasty.

Holly Bee said...

Yeah, I'm pretty convinced my leg hair will be growing longer than normal this summer.

It's all very scary.