Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh! The Insanity!

Remember how I've been saying the Pigs have been in training? Well, they have been. For a 5k.
Yes, I'm that Mom.

Creepy, competitive and sweat suit wearing. Sadly I'm not super thin, my hair isn't super blonde and I don't have a boob job. Heck, I don't even have a tv with working volume, but I'm working on it.

It's sick. We even signed Pig 3 up for the Baby Bolt. He got a medal.

How'd the other Pigs do? Pig 1 placed 3rd with 47:51 and Pig 2 placed 4th with 49:06 for the 14 and under boys age group. Yeah. Pig 1 was skipping at the 2 mile marker. We were holding him back.

What's this? Is this a Dr Who Scarf?

Nope. It's my Bastardization of the Mason Dixon Knitters Bubbly Curtain!! Wahahaaa!

Now does it look more familiar?

Ok, whatever, check out the book, it's a curtain.

As for my nightmare, or rather I should say, Print o' the wave, Morning Glory wrap, no, shawl, no scarf, no I was right the first time when I said nightmare, yeah, this...

I actually call it "It's not you, it's me" because I've broken up with it so many times. Anyway, if you look at the mess part the first part is all tight and tiny because I was all stressed out and traumatized over the knitting and reknitting.

But the second half is all what ever, can you pass the dutchie from the left hand side, and then the doritos, all loose and sassy.

I, unlike some people we know, cough, hack, point, Spinsanity, will not be reknitting this one hundred times, because I will be wearing this in Florida. Why does this make a difference? Because everyone will be checking out how awesome my hair looks not how crappy my shawl is.

Are you still confused? The sweet, sweet Florida weather that makes cheerleader hair frizz out, turns me into a Charlie's Angel. Any Charlie's Angel. It's freaking magic.

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