Thursday, May 14, 2009

MLT Shortage...I'm not a Phleb

I am a ASCP registered Medical Laboratory Technician in the state of Michigan. I am currently not working. I could go back to work, but I choose not to.

I was just sent this information:

On 96.5 radio news today the story was U of M saying there's a shortage of lab techs and how important "these professionals" are when trying to get quick results tracking the H1N1 flu. She said there's not enough trained people now that the older techs are retiring, plus the aging population that needs more lab tests.

Here's my list of demands:

1. Treat the lab staff with the respect they deserve. From the phlebotomist up.

2. Know that I am not a God damn phlebotomist. I mean you no disrespect phlebotomists of the world. But really people, really.

Typical duties as a medical lab tech will likely include the following:
  • Monitoring tests and procedures
  • Preparing blood, urine and tissue specimens for analysis
  • Using sophisticated laboratory equipment to look for bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms
  • Analyzing the chemical content of fluids
  • Matching blood for transfusions
  • Testing for drug levels in the blood to show how a patient is responding to treatment

They may specialize in the areas of chemistry, hematology, cytotechnology, immunology, virology, blood banking or microbiology. *info taken from this site

3.Sign on Bonus.

Yeah, I'm holding out for a sign on bonus. If there is such a shortage, show me the money. Nurses, eh, also a 2 year degree, get $5000 minimum. Want to stop hearing me whine about a flat screen tv and working volume control, let's talk sign on bonus.

It says "sophisticated laboratory equipment" I can run that, work that, and analyze your blood, urine, semen (if you've got it) stool, cerebral spinal fluid, on that, if and when I want to. Well, if you treat me right.

Until then, I might go give it away for free at the Kalamazoo Free Clinic.

Ooooh, due to my research assistant work with Shelly Field I may be most skilled primate parasitologist in the state of Michigan. Yeah. Top that. I have mad skillz.

(Any of you call me a phlebotomist again, it's not going to be pretty. Really. 2 years of school, show me some respect.)


Bonnie said...

Loved you blog. I am (was) a ASCP registered lab tech for years. Moved to a small town and there wasn't much work at the local hospital so have changed professions. Sounds like nothing has changed in the lab world. We were always on the end of the pay chain. I was told "with all the new equipment that is being developed, we won't need lab techs anymore". I just wanted to know who was going to interpret for all those machines. It sure wan't going to be the head of the lab where I worked. He couldn't even run any of them. I agree with you "I am not a phlebotomist".

Susie said...

Ok I knew you had mad skillz but I thought it was in zombie killing? I'm SO lost! Are you mms? Multi mad skilled? On TOP of being a great knitter?? Oy. You deserve a way bigger sign on bonus. ARod got nothing on you.

Anonymous said...

A skilled Phlebotomist backed up by a savvy MLT makes a world of difference to a patient that gets lab tests/blood draws frequently. I drive a long way for a good lab team and appreciate their skill and knowledge!

Carina said...

Hmm. Union? The nurses are usually union, so maybe that's how they get the bonuses? I don't know--I'm hoping to find a teaching job, and with all the layoffs in the area, I'm not sure that'll happen.

Linda said...

You Tell them Holly, I have been working in labs for almost 40 years and I have had an inferiority complex the whole time. We are the Rodney Dangerfields of the health care field, we never get any respect!!!


Sara said...

My mother has been a lab tech for 41 years. As the years go by the number of people working in the lab has dwindled to the point where she has to rotate week-ends and nights again. It's so bad that she couldn't even get Mother's day off. It was her week-end to work nights and only one person from two hospital staffs put together could have covered. It's sad to see how underappreciated you all are compared to the degree of skill and competency required from you.

Holly Bee said...

Hey Bonnie,
Thanks for everything! I knew I wasn't alone out there.

Sara! I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom! That's awful! Tell her to keep the faith! I think she's wonderful! Send her a big hug from me!

Linda!! We are the Rodney Dangerfields!! You nailed it!!!

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