Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Letter to beasts

Dear Hummingbirds, ticks, and The Ogre,

Hummingbirds: I picked up your flower basket. Stop bomb diving me. I know, I know, you love half dead, unwatered flowers all summer, and this house is your favorite house to get them at. I did not forget to get them for you. Go, go check. Already wilted and in need of water just the way you like them.

Ticks: That was really awesome the way you sent an agent into the coffee shop on a Kamikaze mission to send a message. Yeah, I get it, the lawn needs mowed and you will move into the territory from the back field if I don't do something about it.

Well, tick army. You've got me there. But I will be using chemical warfare in retaliation. So, you have been warned.

Ogre, dear sweet Ogre: While you have been off drinking sweet tea in the land of plenty I have been dusting ceiling fans and fighting the good fight. The Pigs are covered in ticks, please come home. Oh, and I got a new back pack. It's green.


Knitters-The only knitting I've done was to pull out my emergency knitting I carry around in my back pack and blow my nose on it. Do not accept a knitted wash cloth from me in the near future. It has in fact been knit with snot.

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Linda said...

I worked for a garden center and we had a wren? nest in one of the pots. Had to put a sign on the flat "Not for Sale" & "Do not Water" They were adorable and we'd lift the little kids up so they could see the babies.