Friday, May 08, 2009

I think I heard that wrong

Things have been exciting around these parts. Pig 2 had a program entitled "It's a Small World." Besides featuring the ear bug song, we learned little known facts about the world. Like did you know in England they have Sex with Tea? Truly! Spoken by a 1st grader at an assembly. Brilliant.

Plus to add to the excitement, my lovely Pig decided he was too warm during the production and started removing his pants. What kind of school am I sending my kids to! The best Michigan can provide friends, the best Michigan can provide.

Actually, it was warm in the gym and he had those zip off leg pants, so it really wasn't as bad as it sounds. It looked very odd. As for the sex with tea, that was really said. I believe she meant SNACKS with tea.

Overall, BEST PROGRAM YET!! Really though, we've had some stinkers. I believe I have been quoted as saying "I think I would prefer the waterboarding."

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Linda said...

Oh but wait! I think I can beat that. My God children, whom I will be visiting this weekend in VA, yes, they are both taking VIOLIN lessons. Yes, I'm sure there is a very squeeky concert in my near future.
Glad the Piglet didn't strip:)