Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I feel like crap, and I know why

Is it from looking at the color green?

I was sitting on couch watching the news, sniffling, under a blanket, aching all over, and my throat hurt, my head hurt and I just wanted to die. I totally freaked out when the news started listing off my symptoms:

"cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue." Holy crap, H1N1 symptoms! I have swine flu, the dreaded heinie?? No, it's just a result from being around the Pigs.

I thought, I don't have a cough. Just then I started hacking. But it was more related to the broccoli slaw in my sandwich and the mustard I dribbled down my shirt than actual illness, but, still, symptom, on list.

Plus, why was I eating a sandwich during the 11 o'clock news? That goes along with sore throat. It was Tuesday, I had Dude Duties at Cub Scouts. I find that my voice is heard better if I just go ahead and carry on like a 7-10 year old. That means yell. It's fun.

Stuffy nose. I live behind a field. Ok, I haven't mowed the back yard. Because when I do I get the sniffles. Plus, have you looked at the pollen charts...the pollen is off the charts. It's all in my nose.

Chills? I'm still cold from this.

Mary hid inside. Real charitable Mary. I'm dying, but you stayed dry. Yes, I'm whining. I got some awesome deals and you all didn't and all I had to do is get cold and maybe develop pneumonia.


The Pigs.

Yeah, well, I have awesome friends who are always inviting me to cool events.

Then after events.
The zombie prom date knitters. Jax, sassying up the joint in her Print o' the I'm the fastest knitter shawl.

Now, they're taking up basket weaving. Don't do it Elizabeth! You're already being tricked into quilting. Plus your boyfriend is a baker. Your life will be a weird nursery rhyme.

Linda shows off her handy work.
Plus all the zombie slaying.

Then yesterday we had to do some tick slaying.

So, again, I think this just gets filed under I do stupid things.


tracyb said...

no fever, no swine flu! I think this is the worst allergy year I've ever had, my eyes burn all the time and my nose drips like a faucet! I'm blaming it on stinkin' Alpena! Jax's stole is gorgeous!

Linda said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly. Shoulda had a Roman coke w/that broccoli slaw & mustard sandwich:)
The Pine pollen has finally subsided here but now it's something else cuz I'm scratching my eyes out!
Jax is the fastest knitter in the North!

Dawn said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. My allergies had subsided and then this weekend they came back with a vengeance.

Bec said...

Damn. I was hoping you were pregnant.

Carina said...

Sounds like it's time to hide and recover under covers and with tea. Sorry you're sick. :( At least you're not puking--we've had enough of that around here.

Holly Bee said...

Awh! Thanks for all the pity, but I went to Amish country, and then mowed the lawn. Pollen be DAMNED!!!

Susie said...

Love the picture of the boys. They are gorgeous! Hub has sniffles and is convinced it's the Swine Flu. Making me feel his forehead hourly. Oy.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Your Weds was my Thurs. I slept through most of it. Let the man behind me take care of the world. He did OK. You want him?