Thursday, May 14, 2009

Again with the flaming cheese

The Zombie Prom Date Knitters had an evening training outing at Theo & Stacy's.

Local Dawn worked on her spinning, turns out, everything's better with a Spinsanity Spindle.

Trish and Andrea assumed the pose. I may have to get it trade marked.

There's Kristi on the left and Dawn from Ireland on the right.

Dawn moved all the way from Ireland to slay zombies with us. I hope she doesn't regret her decision.

We had the Flaming Cheese.

and by golly, they didn't kick us out, they actually invited us back. Who knew all we ever needed was a restaurant with loose flame policies and a statue of Poseidon over the bar.

Next month, we'll be back! We're looking at Wednesday June 10th-Same time, same Place. Some one needs to teach this girl to knit. Plus bring a baby gift. Yes, we're throwing a baby shower for our waitress.

But, it's to make up for being so loud.

(Oooh, the Ogre's starting to think that knitters are turning into almost as big a problem as zombies and he's going to have to start using the shovel on them too.)

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