Friday, May 15, 2009

3 in 1

Yesterday was pretty rocker.

I snuck into Your Local Yarn Shop in Battle Creek.

Look what greets you as you walk in...

Rebecca's sweater
!! She's like a famous knitter now!

I just wanted to check out this whole knitting campfire thing thing.

It was worth it it. Very Clever.

Look at that table of Cascade 220, all at 20% off.

No, I didn't buy anything. I really did just stop in to say hi. I can do that, I'm a friend not just a customer. I think so anyway.

Plus, I need that orange hempathy from Fabrications and I'm not buying any other yarn until I get it.

Well, except there is that little thing coming up at Stitching Memories this weekend. What? Name dropping 3 yarn shops in one post? No, I have no loyalties when it comes to deals.

Stitching Memories is having a Charity Yarn Stash thing this Saturday. I'm not certain, but it screams DEALS to me.

Official Details from Stitching Memories:

YARN/STITCHING STASH SALE – Who doesn’t like a sale? Many of us have yarns, kits, books, etc. that we wonder “what was I thinking” when I bought that? Like many normal women our color favorite’s change or we just couldn’t live without that lovely yarn or couldn’t resist a “Sale”. Now is the time to lighten your stash of the things that you will never touch. One woman’s cast offs are another woman’s treasures.

Our goal is twofold in this stash sale. 1. Lighten our stash 2. Give a % of our sales to your choice of 3 area charities. You can choose what % you donate and to which charity you prefer. They are Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, YWCA Domestic Assault Crisis Program or Portage Community Outreach Center to help out others in our area that need assistance.

DATE: Our 2nd Yarn/Stitching Sale is set for Saturday, May 16 from 10-2 pm. This is your chance to meet, chat, and lighten your stash or add to it, either works. Please help by spreading the word to your friends and family. Rain date is May 30.

LOCATION: Stitching Memories parking lot.

COST: $5.00 if you need to rent a table.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Reserve a table space to show your goods. If you are providing your own table, I still need you to sign up so that we have a space for you.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: You need to clearly mark/label all of your merchandise with your name & price. Bring a lawn chair to sit on.

WHAT WE WILL DO: There will be one central check out that we will manage, so you do not need to have a cash box. At the end of the sale we will add up everyone’s tally and distribute funds. (You might want some cash, because someone else’s treasures may have to go home with you.) Anyone who donates a % of their proceeds will receive a 20% coupon to the store.

Any questions on the stash sale, please call the shop at 552-9276.

Then Pam and I had lunch at Oye Amigo's in Marshall. If you want to work up a great gut ache, this is your place. (If you'd then like to wish you owned stock in tums, finish your evening off with some Chinese barfet sushi-please tell my why I make poor food choices?) We got a good tip on a consignment shop in the Creek and I scored these...

Yes, a brand new pair of Birks for the low, low price of $12. Nice.

It was My Style, Your Style over by the Red Lobster on Capitol in the Creek. Good luck getting there, or anywhere in Battle Creek with the bridge out. I knew that bridge was bad. You could see the rebar. (I don't know if that's how you spell it, but you know the stuff I mean.)

Now for today, it started pretty wicked awesome too...

Farm Fresh WonderWhyAlpaca Farm Eggs

Wait! Alpaca's don't lay eggs!

Fried up by Pig 2.

I'm liking this.

Plus now I'm trying out this Fiber Arts Friday stuff...
with the Alpaca Farm Girl (she's from twitter)


Linda said...

Pig 2 can cook?? SWEET!! When he starts cleaning houses I'll rent him:)

Bec. said...

Seriously! Riverside bridge freaked me out too with the rebar completely exposed. However, it is reeking havoc on our travel about town. Thing 2 said they asked for teachers to come out and help direct traffic in front of the school.

Thanks for the shout out about my sweater. I need to go to YLS to get some new needles but the thought of dealing with the traffic is keeping me away.

Carina said...

Great sweater! I was in there today for some cheap therapy (only bought the Eclectic Sole book) and free knitting time, and I saw that! It's really nice.

I love that consignment shop! I finally stopped in this week and found the most perfect red dress for $12.75. I then splurged on the twelve dollar pashmina in my favorite green. It's my new shop for me. I'm even getting a pile of stuff to take in there.

The traffic last night on the way to Anna's concert at the middle school was insane. It reminded me of Cleveland, and not in a good way.

Kim said...

sounds like a fun day. Plus, just wanted to say 'hello' and that I'm still reading your blog (although not commenting much). hope your Saturday is loaded with fun.

mono loco said...

I love the fact that the display at the yarn shop confirms something I've always believed in -- one should always take a fiber producing animal with you on camping trips. Note the sheep. :)