Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Snow MADNESS made me do it

Although it's Spring Break, I have snow madness.

That may explain my desire to recreate an entire knit pattern book in my own evil way. I apologize Mason-Dixon Knitters, really, it's snow madness.

In the mad desire to knit brought on by the snow, I decided to knit this:

With this:

My version:

Somehow I thought making this would scare away the snow. It didn't. I think I angered it.


Linda said...

LMAO! Way too funny Girl!

Knatolee said...

Ah, I much prefer the orange to the yellow. Much, much more stylish.

But it explains why it's snowing here this morning... you scared all the snow this way!

Holly Bee said...

I may have hurt myself while knitting it. Everything looks orange now.

Anonymous said...

There IS a reason for Hunter Orange!

Anonymous said...

Dear World,

I am SO sorry that I brought that pattern to the attention of knitswithsnot. I had absolutely NO idea that she was loaded for bear on that one.

With deepest apologies,