Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mud, Pigs, it works for me

Here we are, gathered at Cub Scouts to blast off rockets.

The first thing we were told to do was take off our tops. Myself and a few other dudes thought this was funny.

We are all Dudes or Dads at Cub Scouts. It's very gender neutral that way.

Where does one take a slew of 8 year olds to shoot off rockets?

Why, the nearest muddy field!

I know a thing or two about a thing or two and I dressed appropriately.

Please note the high rubber boots at the very bottom of the photo. Myself and several other dudes all high fived each other over our similar choice in footwear.

Others decided to wear their new sandals.

That's Pig #3. He was still high on the glory of Kindergarten Round Up, and then he got to go explode crap with the big kids. It was a day to remember.

Knitting? I knit on a kidney kozy all afternoon at the Koffee Klutch in Galesburg. Laura was finishing up her racing stripes kozy, and Marty was making Hempathy socks. What did we talk about? You. We talked about you, how bad you knit, and the ugly crap you make. Waaahaaahaaaahaaa! Maybe they were talking about me. Eh, what are you going to do.


Linda said...

Dang, I knew it! You WERE talking about me! My ears were burning all day!

Linda said...

Just what day do you go to Koffee Klach? I was there today, and you were there yesterday...I thought it was Wednesdays in I loosing my last brain? I was going to get a "spinning" check,
Boo Hoo

Bec said...

I missed y'all and that glorious Rueben Sandwhich! Looks like my subbing gig will start on Monday. The teacher lives about 45 minuets away and for some reason does not think that On Star would be the best midwife on the shoulder of the highway. Honestly, I may not get to gather for a long, long time.

Holly Bee said...

Linda! We go on most TUESDAYS!! Noon until about 4.

Bec-don't fret, we'll catch up with you in the summer. I think that's a threat!

Linda- We were talking about you...