Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It was sunny friday, we took full advantage

When I was in elementary school they always showed a certain movie that really changed my life. (that was a running theme on NPR yesterday) Or at least made me skip school on nice days. I don't think that was the intention of the teachers when they decided to show it.

It was about these kids who lived on a planet that rained all the time, and none of them remembered the Earth except this one girl. The other kids of course mocked the girl because she talked about how sunny and awesome the Earth was.

Well, on this planet it apparently gets sunny once every random 8 years. (No meteorologists on this planet.) Nasty children locked nice girl in a closet and of course that was the one sunny day. They felt like crap at the end of the day and brought her flowers. Do flowers really make up for missing a glorious day in the sun? I'm going to say no.

(Has anyone else seen that movie? Other people solved the mystery for me. Here's the wiki info link )(It's on youtube!! It's in 2 parts)

Anyway, I took Friday as the Day of Sunshine on Planet Rain and took the Pigs to the Zoo.

Sure, they missed school, but we got sunshine,

I made them walk to the Wild Africa area, and we saw wild life.

Yes, I have photos of a toad and none of giraffes.

As for knitting, I sewed buttons on a pair of hot pants, and on a baby sweater and worked on the delightful Morning Glory Wrap. When I'm done with that, I may knit that Print O' the Wave, out of spite, in secret. Like I could keep a secret.


Carina said...

I was seriously tempted to do that same, but they've had to miss so much school because of court and therapy stuff and illness that I wimped out. Good for you for seizing the sunny day and doing the right Mom thing!

kate said...

All Summer In A Day! I loved that movie, in an it-makes-me-very-sad kind of way.

Holly Bee said...

KATE!!! I'm so glad you knew the name of the movie!!! Hurrah!

Marigold said...

wow, there's a movie for that?? I've only read it as a short story by Ray Bradbury.(and what i took from it was that most little kids are nasty little monsters :/)

Holly Bee said...

It's a Ray Bradbury story to boot!!! I know what I'm going to buy today!