Friday, April 03, 2009

It blinded me, and I liked it

Sooo, since I have a "basketball" injury (I fell, at yoga, and landed on my thumb-thumb not ass) I decided it would be awesome to take Pig 1 and Pig 2 to Jungle Joe's. It's a pole building filled with giant inflatable slides and jumpy things. All of this was done in the attempt to break an arm this summer. Mine, the Pigs, as long as we're having fun.

Build a Bear is very clever. They sent a bday coupon to Pig 2. I can't resist a coupon.

I can resist other non couponed pigs begging for stuffed animals. Will of steel, unless it comes to cake.

Here's the 2nd of my kidney kozies for the Dialysis prayer shawl project.

It's actually a sunny yellow, ok a scrambled egg yellow. It's lovely. I tried to start a third Kidney Kozy, but was unable to continue with the yarn I had. I mean, I could have, but I'd no longer have any friends. You see, I tried to start a kidney kozy Tuesday at the Koffee Klutch. The yarn was deemed "too orange" and some claimed it was "giving them a headache" it was also noted as "burning a hole in someone's soul."

Ok, it was burning a hole in my soul. I love it so, and yet it hurts to look upon.
This photo from Bernat's Urban Camouflage book.

The actual name of the yarn is Hunter's orange, and I have 1 million yards of it.

In my sick desire to own all the orange yarn in the world, I picked up two huge skeins. I saw them hiding under a pile of pastel yarns, and I just knew no one else would love them the way I would. It really is a sickness that was formed in the 70's and honed by growing up in an area with plenty of actual hunter orange. I blame you Michigan!

Oh, this? Not orange, not blinding, and decidedly just as annoying as Print O the Wave, and yet still not frogged?

It's the Morning Glory. It would be a wrap, but it may be a wide scarf. I'm sort of at the wait and see stage.


Linda said...

Hmmm, if your adoptiong all the orange yarn I may have some cotton left over from the market bags. Oh hell, what am I saying I'll whip up something with at and just send it to you!
Oooo, your scrambled egg kozy is very nice! You do crochet, don't you?! And the Morning Glory! What yarn is that?

Holly Bee said...

I do crochet! But, shhhhh, don't tell anyone, I'll lose all my street cred with the knitters.

The Morning Glory is...BRIAR ROSE's Sea Pearl. It's awesome.
I think my yarn stash goes:

Orange yarn
Green yarn
sock yarn
Briar Rose yarn!

Anonymous said...

I've seen that Hunter's Orange, Holly. You're gonna need sunglasses on when you work with that stuff, maybe check it over first with a Geiger Counter.

Susie said...

Love the wrap scarf but honey that orange has gotta go!

Holly Bee said...

Susie-I think you're right. The vest in the photo was even hurting the peepers.

tracyb said...

Oh, I think the morning glory is so pretty!

Holly Bee said...

I like the morning glory too. I'm using small yarn, and complete disregard for the gauge. Let's just say it's going to be a petite morning glory.