Saturday, April 04, 2009

If I weren't so lazy, I'd be awesome

I picked up this yarn, by accident, at Handweavers Inspiring blah-blah, the other day.

It's Universal yarn's Tapestry. Yes, it's barf green. You know, these yarn companies would quite making this ugly crap if I would stop buying it.

It was purchased under the guise of becoming a kidney kozy. So far it has been started as a kidney kozy, a top down toddler pull over, a baby surprise jacket and a mitered blanket square.

The top down sweater, I cast on and thought "gee, didn't I just make one of these?"

Baby Surprise Jacket-Sure Elizabeth Zimmermann is a god, but really, the last time I made a BSJ I got so traumatized in the knitting and how it would fold, I got a bloody nose. That doesn't seem like a smart situation to recreate.

Mitered blanket square-Well, the Ogre thinks it looks awesome. The knittings easy, but there's no way in hell I'm going to sew squares together. I'm still a little traumatized from putting the Orange and Green Blanket together.

Sure, sure, I should be awesome and come up with my own sweet kidney kozy pattern that everyone wants to make; partner with Universal yarns and become shockingly and ridiculously knit famous. But I don't see that happening, I'm pretty lazy.

Ok, maybe I'm not really lazy, just busy.

What's this you ask? That's the Pigs scootering on a 3 mile trail. They're in training, for something.

PLUS-this just in:

Mike Rowe of dirty jobs, sheered, and mated alpaca (he helped alpaca mate each other, he did not mate an alpaca) THEN he spun the alpaca fiber on an Ashford Joy!

Not only is that super fantastic, but it was the Ogre that pointed out that Mike Rowe was using my spinning wheel. Nice.


Elizabeth said...

The lady who spun the alpaca made a case for All-Spinner-are-teh-Crazy. She's all "Of course I spin my own hair into it!" Then, Mike made one of his I-can-tell-you-won't-understand-that-I'm-making-fun-of-you comments.

Susie said...

Just the words "Mike Rowe" and "alpaca" in the same sentence is like a dream come true. Haha!

Holly Bee said...

Yeah, it's all Mike Rowe and crazy around these here parts too.

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

It would have been more interesting if he mated an alpaca. heh