Friday, April 17, 2009

A day off

I took the day off from Zombie Slaying, but my socks didn't. I was going to put them on, and I couldn't find them, until I looked outside.

They took it upon themselves to go on patrol. It was not a pretty sight. They were beat down tired and dirty from the fight. I was so proud.

What did I do on my day off? The day off that left the people in my neighborhood possible zombie victims?

I went knitting. That's right, left everyone in harm's way so I could knit, with cotton.

I did see Spinsanity do something you know I would never do.

That's right, unknit a perfectly good lace shawl and reknit it. She's a ruddy knit cannibal.

Patti was attempting to conquer socks. I was sitting next to her saying things like "yeah, that looks right." "Uh huh, that's how I do it."

When Spinny took a look at Patti's handy work she had this to say "It's crap! It's just like how Holly knits!" Truer words have never been spoken.

For my revenge, I tricked Spinsanity into going on a preschooler field trip to the Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery.

It was wicked awesome. We will be starting our own fish hatchery later this year.

Could more excitement be packed into one day? Yes! It was also Chick Days at the feed store!

Pig 3 wants some chickens in a bad way.

Well, he is King of the Chickens, he needs a flock.


Linda said...

It Pig 3 sporting an official Knit w/Snot sweater? Very nice!

mono loco said...

All hail the King of the Chickys!!

Holly Bee said...

It's an official Mono Loco fake Aunt Shelly sweater!

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

OMG, we were soooo playing with the bebe chickies and ducklings at Tractor Supply last night. We just continued trippin down the same path the whole day, didn't we? wtf

For the record, I DID NOT say that to Patty. I offered to teach her toe up/two at a time/magic loop...shhh, what whole guild incident?

I get to squish the momma fish!

Andrea said...

Ok, are in luck. Not only do I have pacas but we just got our chicks in along with four little turkeys. Have I enticed you into visiting yet?

Carina said...

I'm with Owen. I want chickens really badly, too. Stupid zoning laws!

Holly Bee said...

We are sooo there!!!

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Chicken children! SQUEE!

Love the sockses, precious. They're zombie slayers if ever I seen 'em... er... I'll just be in the corner plotting something. heh