Monday, April 27, 2009

A Craft In of AWESOME

Why are all these people excited??

They're having an awesome time at the Kideny Craft In!!!

If you didn't make it to the Kidney Craft In at Home Grange #129, boy did you miss out! The prizes, the socializing,
the crafting, the camera stealing.

I could not remember what was going on here. Then I remembered saying "Dorking out with new knit tools.

Linda was sharing, maybe not sharing, showing off her new Knit Kit. It was tested, molested and is Zombie Prom Date Knitter approved. Run out and get one today! Or, better yet get one for the knitter in your life (that is a hint, you can buy me one.)
Scrapbooking was being done. This is Erika, she scrapped her little heart out. Sarah, in the yellow, I didn't get her in the shot because she was angry. No, not at us, she was working on a paper. How not fun, unawesome is that?

Ah, that's better!!

Plus the Sharks and the Jets finally sat down and settled there differences.

See because Desi heads up our rivals, the Kalamazoo Knit and Crochet Meet up Group, and we always challenge them to knit offs (sort of like dance offs). The Zombie Prom Date Knitters always lose, so I don't know why we insist on doing it. Oh, the love of the fight. The love of the underdogs? Oh, right, good deeds and friendly competition makes for more fun. Plus cake.

The hourly prizes were AWESOME! Here are a few of our winners!!!

Rebecca won the Premier Designs Jewelry. Necklace, earrings, plus bonus lipstick case and purse mirror. We don't skimp out!! A big thank you to Angie Scoffin for donating such great gifts!

Spinsanity really out did herself this time. She made a spindle and handpainted a gorgeous kidney on it. Check out her other spindles on etsy!

How often is a kidney called gorgeous? Check out the design though! Greens and oranges, a purple heart, it's amazing!!

Spinsanity, Em and Crystal were all working on spinning projects, and others just couldn't resist the fun. Linda, Andrea, and Jamie were all bit by the spinning bug.

It was especially good that Andrea not only got bit, but extra awesome that she won the Kidney Spindle. I mean, she does own Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, girl needs to spin!
The Grand Prize went to Jamie!!

A big thank you to RJ at Olde Peninsula for the $30 gift certificate, Summer Thyme for the 2 meals donation, and the Kalamazoo Kings for the ball game tickets.

Finally, there was chocolate. Several different kinds of chocolate.

So here's the run down of the day:

We raised money for the National Kidney Foundation, new walkers joined team Little Carter's Ray of Sunshine, we helped people get a heart on

with Gift of Life, and we had a great time!

Hey! Now that you know where Home Grange is, why don't you join us Friday, May 1st for a Delicous Chicken BBQ!


Carina said...

I sooo want one of those kits now. The Swiss Army knife of knitting tools (and we all know how much we love our Swiss Army knives).

It was an awesome day, and I can't wait for the next one!

Linda said...

You guys are so awesome! Looks like a great time was had by all.

Marigold said...

This has nothing to do with knitting or kidneys (do zombies eat kidneys?) but have you seen Plants vs. Zombies game from popcap games? It looks like fun!

Susie said...

Looks like loads of fun and fund raising! Yay!

Linda said...

What a great afternoon of fun. Everything about it was so well planned, and a nicer bunch of people does not exist. Hopefully you did not get any damage at your home Holly...
Am looking forward to the next event....
Linda in Kazoo