Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A big bunch of jerks, ok, and some good stuff

Well someone stole our credit card numbers and bought $3000 worth of U2 tickets. The thing that really pisses me off is, I think U2 is lame. Yes, yes, the beauty, the wonder the whole Bono saving the world thing. But really, $3000 worth of tickets to a show I'd never go to.

Yes, I know everyone else looooves U2, but it's not my bag baby.

Wait! I do all this crap for charity and someone steals my damn credit card? Plus, we don't even have a television with working volume. We have to either lip read or have the subtitles on. U2 tickets? Come on!

Anyway, screw you itunes, the place where my number was most likely lifted.

Now, knitting:

Still working on the Morning Glory Shawl. Amazing! I haven't ripped it out yet. It was close yesterday, but I kept going. Oh, no, there was nothing wrong, it just seemed like I was at the right spot to go insane and frog it all.

I made another Kidney Kozy. So, that's two. I only need to make 3 more to tie ONE PERSON in the Kzoo meet up group. Those ladies are crazy for the charity!

I finally sewed the ends in on the dream in colors pull over sweater. Sure, I lied and said I was done with it in like February. But I was done. Done knitting, and done looking at it. I do question why I so often knit striped items when I am so lazy about sewing in ends.

What! No Kidney Walk news? Oh, heck, there's always Kidney Walk news!

You know about the Craft In April 25th at the Grange Hall in Battle Creek. (see side bar for details)

You know the walk is May 31st at the Celery Flats. Well, there's a day of raffle. I was supposed to provide something to raffle. A hand knit baby sweater anyone? No, I called the Kalamazoo Kings baseball team and they donated 10 (TEN!) tickets!

(2) 4 packs of tickets will be at the day of the Walk Raffle, and a pair of tickets will be a part of the drawings done during the Craft In!

Plus, Spinsanity also offered to donate a spindle kit to the Craft In! You go, you have the chance to win baseball tickets or a new spindle!! I'm feeling slightly better about the U2 tickets now.


Linda said...

I am so moving to the Mittin! You guys have all the fun! OK maybe not MOVE, maybe visit. When It's warm. That's like July right?
Your hair cut is super sassy!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, it gets warm in July. I'd aim for August if you're worried about snow though!

tracyb said...

I'm sorry about the u2 tickets, although I'm sure you know where I stand on Bono, it's completely wrong to steal, especially in his name ; Keep going with the morning glory, take some pics!

Holly Bee said...

I felt awful admitting how I feel about U2, but the truth finally came out.

Really, stealing and buying U2 tickets, Bono would not be proud.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Damn. You don't have to pay, right? At least they coulda sent you a new TV. I got $2K line of credit for Gateway computers out of my identity theft.