Monday, April 20, 2009

ASL, Swearing and knitting

Last night I really wanted to watch The Amazing Race so I could learn to say bitch in sign language. The Ogre noted that I know how to swear in enough languages and I didn't need to add ASL.

What was I working on during The Amazing Race? I mean besides my swearing. I was actually making progress on my Morning Glory Wrap/Stole/Really Wide Scarf. I'm thinking I'm close to done with the first half. Any sane person would have actually paid attention to the number of repeats they were supposed to do and know when they are supposed to start on the second half. But really, paying attention is just not, hey look! a bird is at our feeder.
(technically, I am further than this now. But really, it looks the damn same.)

Due to the large amount of progress I'd made, and with my cone of cotton being gone, I was looking for something new to work on. In an attempt to knit something weather appropriate for my niece who lives in North Carolina I came up with this brilliant idea.

North Carolina+warm weather+sometimes cool in air conditioning+baby=Jane Austin Shrug from Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.

Plus, that would go well with the whole knit everything in the book insanity. Turns out, I just don't get it.
k2 (4, 6, 8), m1, ^p1, k1, p1, c4f, p1, k1, p1^ m1, k5 (10, 21, 31), m1, repeat from ^ to ^ BUT working c4b instead of c4f, m1, k2 (4, 6, 8).

What the hell do they mean BUT. There's no crying in baseball, and there's no random BUTs in knitting.

Maybe I should just stick to what I'm good at.


tracyb said...

Oh! I said that too, I wanted to learn how to say bitch in sign too! It went by too fast! They should have had it in slow mo. I thought Kesha and Jen were being bitchy. What about you?

Linda said...

LOL!! Girl, You crack me up!
P.S. If you deliver that shrug to NC I'll meet you there:)

Elizabeth said...

I think the pattern means to knit left leaning cables on the first half, then do the same on the second half, only crossing the cables to the right; mirrored cables.

Sandy said...

Too early in the day to raise the glass......but soon I'll join ya. Good luck with the project. Doing some blog walking through blog catalog and stopped in.

Welcome mats always out

Deborah said...

You totally crack me up!!! I too suffer from ADHD knitting..... But hang in there, more birds will come!(LOL) LMAO in pittsburgh

Holly Bee said...

No, no, I got it. It's even done now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly--I tried to email you, but it didn't work--have some kidney art to send you--