Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sock Madness

I finally broke down and bought some of that Harry Potter Sock yarn. I fought against it, I resisted. Here are things I'd said in the past

It's too expensive
Those colors are the same as their regular colors.
Hello, have they even thought of the concept of School Colors? That's just random.
Why would you pay extra for the stupid ball band?
Really, it's not like the yarn was blessed by Jo.

While on our barfing trip to Chicago, I had a change of heart. Pig 1 packed his Gryffindor house socks.

They were made two years ago, when he was just a wee lad. Now, the heel of the sock is in the middle of his foot.

Of course my brain instantly goes to the HP yarn. Then I remind myself about the giant popcorn tin of sock yarn that I already own. Again, why do I have so much sock yarn? It has great potential. Don't mock me, it may be your birthday present next year. Yes, I buy it for gifts, it's not even for me.

Anyway, we ran out to Fabrications. They had a basket full of it just 2 weeks ago. Sadly yesterday, all they had was Tonks (pink), Lupin (pink also, because of his love of Tonks?) and Draco. Now if I would have looked more closely at this photo, I would have known that.

But, I needed some for my Pig! He ended up with Draco. Sometimes evil is good.

Plus, Pig 3 had the best time ever there. He wants to take up sewing. Dick sent him home with surprise sample of fabrics. Guess what I'm doing today...sewing. Yeah, it's non stop excitement around here. Between the zombie slaying, the knitting, the scrapbooking, the fundraising and now the ruddy sewing it's no wonder I drink.

Oh, this photo? JK Rowling, Harry Potter, Dr Who, it's Thom York, it's all very British around here. Now pass me a pint.


Susie said...

Love the HP socks. I didn't know there was sock yarn made specifically for HP characters!

Carina said...

I have a skein of Harry and Ron. Do you want it? Stephen doesn't like it (he's a plain blue or John Deere colors kind of kid).

Holly Bee said...

All things HP around here!

Carina!! Yes, I will take the H and R!! Do you want to trade for it, or would you like me to get you lunch a couple times for it??

Carina said...

I'll dig it out and bring it tomorrow. Yay! All it was doing was making me feel guilty.