Monday, March 16, 2009


You know I can't plan, organize and pull off an event by myself.

I mean really.

Well, Sarah was a co host.

But we did have some serious people behind the scenes making sure we stayed on task. We were actually Quad-Hosts.

Thinking, Oh, I don't scrapbook, that's why I didn't go. Well, we had plenty of non scrappers.

Marty made me a sock. Jackie worked on genealogy, State Grange Contest projects, and organized digital photos.

Alice brought a giant box of photos to be sorted and put into albums. You missed some really great embarrassing photos of me-big hair and Sally Jesse glasses.

Michelle, Carina, and Dee taking a break from it all. Carina had her spinning wheel with her. It took several of us quite some time to figure out what the whoosha-whoosha noise was.

Erika remembered how to knit.

Plus there were a few funny things going on. But we did have a few serious scrapbookers.

Our Grand Prize winner was so serious about scrapping, she broke her arm. Ok, it was broken when she arrived.

Andrea was able to bring in one of the Gift of Life donor Quilts. It was really awesome to have the two groups work together!

Oh, I know, you're so sad because you missed out on all of this. But don't fret, the Ogre said he'd make another giant crock of Potato Soup if Sarah would make chili and we can do it all again in April!


dee's brother said...

hey...that looks like a relative of mine in a couple photos! LOL

Linda said...

You guys always manage to have fun! Wish I could've been there.

Carina said...

I e-mailed my priest about the crafting day in the Creek and the walk, and he said he'd put them in the newsletter for April. I haven't seen Michelle at church lately, but I've heard that her latest kidney is failing and she's on dialysis again. I'm sure there are many in our church who would want to help out somehow.

I had so much fun and got so much spinning done! Thanks for helping me decide which yarn to use for the shawlalong.

Roberta Granada said...

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trixie stix said...

Looks like lots of fun for a good cause. Way to go!

Holly Bee said...

Dee's brother: Yes, I believe that is the relative you get your name from.

I wish all my on line friends could have been there too!! It was really fun.

As for the church! That's a great idea. I will get you an official theory, today.