Friday, March 27, 2009

It's bound to end poorly

In an attempt to keep malaria at bay, I will be replacing our slider's screen. You remember the frozen zombie in the back field? I may have let him defrost a little more than I should have. He really clawed the heck out of the screen. It took a week just to get the drool and flannel out of the shredded remains.

Now, one may ask, "why rescreen, just get a new screen slider door."

I will gently reply "THIS IS THE NEW DOOR I'M FIXING!!!"

Zombies. Everywhere. Please do your part in keeping them out of my lawn, and wrecking my house this year. I'm tired and my shovel is getting dull.


Carina said...

By the way, putting the zombie remains from your knives and shovel down the garbage disposal totally wears out the engine too fast. They're on sale this week at Menard's, though.

I need to re-screen my slider. I've never done anything that big. Is it hard?

Holly Bee said...

Screen fixing is so super easy and fast!! It will make you feel so awesome to have a fresh unchewed on screen in-plus knowing you did it yourself. Ok, I'm still high on the fixing of the screen.

Susie said...

This zombie stuff must be a country thing. I never have zombie problems here in Manhattan. Maybe the NYPD is just on top of it though.

Holly Bee said...

I believe it is a country thing. That would also explain all the flannel clad zombies.