Monday, March 23, 2009

How many titles can I have with Knit?

What's a Zombie Prom Date Knitter to do on a Wednesday night? Why seek out the nearest open knit night, especially if the place has farm fresh eggs!

It all sounds crazy, but at Fabrications you can get your knit on and buy a dozen eggs! Some people go for the fabric, others the yarn, but me, those eggs are good.

So, Fabrications this Wednesday March 25th, 6-830.
With the eggs, you can just say you you're going grocery shopping.

Plus, if you go before 6, next door is Confections bakery. They use butter, lot's and lot's of butter. It's really awesome.

Now for sad news. Ok, it's not sad, yet. I got Pig 2 a razor scooter.

(me trying to out scoot a youth with energy)
Mostly because I like them, but, yeah. So it will be sad when he breaks his arm.


Linda said...

Well at least you know what to expect (the broken arm)! Let's just hope it's NOT your broken arm! That could make knitting a bit difficult.
Stock up on Markers for cast signing, get him some elbow & knee pads & a helmet. That might help fend off some injuries:)

Holly Bee said...

I think I must be trying to break an arm...mine! We just got back from roller blading!

Knatolee said...

Linda beat me to it... I was gonna say, "Are you sure it won't be your arm that breaks?" ;) I'd never seen a tri-wheel (whatever you call it) scooter before. Cool! Or are those training wheels???

Matt Church said...

Did Pig 2 grow pigtails?