Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day off with the Dr. Oh, you know i'm watching Gossip Girl

Too many zombies to take care of in this neck of the woods. I'm taking the day off. If you need me I will be in front of the teley taking in some Dr Who, Gossip Girl. I hope you have a good sharp shovel and are ready for action.

Knitting you ask? Some of you may be impressed that I have completed 12 rows on the Morning Glory Wrap and I don't hate it.

Plus, Fabrications was a riot. Really, there was a riot, over eggs. I was going to buy them all and resell them at a higher price.

Speaking of selling at a higher price...I'm going to sell that Starmore book. Sorry suckers. Maybe you should support your local library more often.

Now onto support! Those Kalamazoo Knit and Crochet Meet up people are out Kidney Kozy-ing us! Jamie dropped off 2 with me and Liz finished one up and will get it to me after it's been properly documented on Ravelry. Desi's working on one also. Plus, rumors are flying that someone has made...4!

Thank you so much to everyone who is working on this project. It really means a lot to me that you using your time and talent to help. Your work really will help (local) peoples' lives. Plus, I'm a really slow knitter and without you I would only be helping like 1 person's life.


Carina said...

So, wait, only Shannon and I are still doing the Print o' the Wave shawl? That's hilarious! She's totally going to finish before all of us, too. *sigh*

tracyb said...

Carina - I'm still slogging onward, I am leaving my mistake in. Design element anyone?