Thursday, March 19, 2009

The beginning of the end

Here's one of the mighty Zombie Prom Date Knitters in full battle attire.

Spinsanity! Knitting the Print O' the Wave and loving it. Ok, and swearing at it.

Here is my mighty start.

Look at the glorious pattern. The briar rose seapearl really looks great. I think I've got enough done, I can stop any time.

Look what arrived for us from the Pacific Northwest. Yes, the whole Pacific Northwest got together to pay for the shipping.

Smoked salmon! Pig's 1 & 3 were over joyed.

You'd think they've only ever been feed hot dogs and pb&j's. Ok, knitting may be taking up a rather large portion of cooking time.


tracyb said...

Hey, that cast on is no joke! It took me the better part of a day to figure it out with help from the internet!

mono loco said...

The funniest part about the salmon was the convo with my friendly neighborhood postal worker.

Me: (Hands over innocuously wrapped brown paper package)
She: "Is this fragile, blah, blah.. It's a salmon isn't it?" (Waving the package around"
Me: "Why yes, yes it is." (Insert incredulous tone here)
She: "Every Christmas, it's nothing but salmon, salmon, SALMON! I'd know this package anywhere!!" (Her voice did get a tiny bit crazed at the end)

And here I thought that we were being even SLIGHTLY original. Oh, well.

Carina said...

It sounds like she needs a vacation or something. Poor postal worker.

I hate missing our get-togethers when I am sick. Hopefully all of this will be better soon.