Friday, February 06, 2009

What's that?

You may be wondering what I was knitting in that previous post.

Tada!! Sweater number three for the"What was I thinking trying to knit 12 sweaters this year" group.

So, the Lacy Cable Shrug from Briar Rose Fibers, with their Fourth of July yarn. Please, really, be impressed, those are faux cables!

Oh, I really should check the Insanity 12 Sweaters group and see if shrugs count. They tend to go all willy nilly with the DISAGREE button over there. Like really, say what you mean, disagree tends to be a bit vauge.


tracyb said...

Ok, so even if they DISAGREE, you could make up your own set of rules, because 12 sweaters of any shape or size in one year, is still really impressive in my book.

Linda said...

Since when do you pay attention to rules? (snicker)
I'm with Tracy on this 12/12 is VERY impressive!

Chris said... so TOTALLY counts!!! you go girl! I am ashamed....head hanging low.......I am woefully behind on my 12 sweaters....but I have two kids sweaters (birthday sweaters) in progress......but I'll catch up....I will.....really

Holly Bee said...

Linda! I actually did check the rules...I love them!! This from the person who tells her kids to "question authority." (Which is funny because a Mom at Pig 3's gym class tells her son to "choose to obey" which creeps me out)

ANYWAY-it says something like "don't kill yourself over this." Wahahahaha!!!

Susie said...

Beautiful. Love the colors!

tracyb said...

"choose to obey"? It is creepy - it sounds like something Ben (from Lost) would say!