Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Summer, I'm thinking about it

I've been trying to do this thing, for like 3 weeks now. No, nothing like that. I've been trying to get reservations-for this summer. Booked, booked, BOOKED!! It's not even like I'm trying to get a seat for a family of 5 at Cinderella's Castle.

No, I'm trying to get camping reservations.

No Fairy Godmother, no glass slippers, just a place to call camp when we aren't out wandering the wilds of the North.

But I'm watching you other campers. You're planning to go, you've hogged up the sites for 2 week periods, but when it comes down to it-you're going to cancel. When you do, I'll be there to take up the slack.


Chris said...

oh my gosh! you nailed it! the camping curse is what we call it. There's no way in heaven we can EVER get 7 sites for over the Fourth of July. We used to do this great extended family thing (like 35 of us) and now.......it's just sad.

tracyb said...

try the east side, no one ever comes over here!

Holly Bee said...

Argh!!! How are all these other people getting our sites?

Tracy!!! We were actually considering checking out the east side. Is there some reason no one goes there...zombies perhaps?