Friday, February 20, 2009

Mid Week Celebration

Why are we celebrating with brownies in the middle of the week?

Well, it starts with what arrived in the mail...

New shoes for the Ogre!!

Shoes, right. Not a big deal, why the brownies.

Have you ever seen an Ogre's feet? They're HUGE! Most professional basketball players are actually Ogres. It's really a great cover gig. They travel the country, make great money and are able to take care of the zombie problems in the big cities.

Shaq=Ogre. That's why he occasionally is found doing law work.

Back to the excitement. Ogre sized shoes are not often found locally, they have to be special ordered. Actually, in Pitch Forks and Torches-An Ogre's Plight it suggests the Ogre just go without shoes or in chilly climates find two small cows and well wear them.

Normal foot on the left

Ogre shoe on the right

Normal shoes

Ogre shoes

I mean two new pairs of shoes? Really, was it necessary? His current pair are from when he rolled a hobo and stole his shoes. So you buy them when you can find them.


mono loco said...

And if an Ogre needs slippers -- can he use 2 sheep? :)

Linda said...

hahahaha! Good one mono loco!

Holly Bee said...

He actually prefers goats.

Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

I dated a guy with size 15 feet in high school.

Susie said...

As my Scottish Granny would say "He's got a firm grip on the earth"