Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little guilt, a little yarn-Kozy!!

Marty has one Kidney Kozy done.

I mean I could say:

Well, I've been keeping the world safe from zombie invasion! I'm making all those sweaters-how can I squeeze in a Kidney Kozy? I have three Pigs to raise, I don't have time.

But you know that just isn't my style. I got out the big yarn and the big needles and got to work.

I didn't say I worked very hard, I just said I got to work.

Inspired by the One Row Handspun Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot.
Here's the link to the original pattern.

I used me some Jiffy Thick and Quick yarn in classic Knit with Snot colors. I did notice that I interpreted the pattern wrong, so it really is inspired by. Yes, yes, I messed up a one row repeat. It adds that personal touch.

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Linda said...

I think it's very inspired and very YOU!