Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kidneys,,.can I get Brussel Sprouts with that?

So I've been working with the Southwest Michigan chapter of the National Kidney Foundation. You thought I just sat around and knit all the time? Ok, I do get up and leave the house sometimes.

What do I do? I offer witty remarks and eat free lunch at the planning meetings of course. No, really I guess I do offer witty remarks. But sometimes I have good ideas...ok the idea officially was Sarah's but, I pitched it to the committee.

We're having a

Charity Scrapbook Retreat
for the National Kidney Foundation
March 14th
Lighthouse Community Church
4321 S. 11th St
Kalamazoo, MI
Lunch Provided!! Hourly Prizes!!

(Space is limited-register now!! You can contact me here if you are interested)

This is the space we were checking out last night.

Here are Sarah and Katie dragging a table around while I took photos. Smart, right?

They wanted to know how many tables I thought would fit, and I said "why don't you use a table to measure." Witty remark turns into brilliant idea, and I got out of doing work. I did take photos, that is work. People base whole careers on photographs, they even have a name "photographer." See I was there in an official capacity.

After the location was deemed suitable, we continued our planning meeting at the Beacon Club.

Did I mention we are not the official National Kidney Foundation Walk Committee?

We're a splinter group-The National Kidney Foundation Walk Committee and Fun Group.

We're also in the works of setting up a
Charity Knit In
$5 at the door, lunch provided, and knit all day.

Like I said, in the works.

Oh, you want to join my sweet walk team because we are so rockin fun? Or donate cash?
Well, please, feel free:

2009 NKF of Michigan, Inc. - Southwest Michigan Kidney Walk

Date: May 31, 2009

Location: The Celery Flats

Our group "Little Carter's Ray of Sunshine"
Hope to see you there! (Really, we need help, the Plainwell National Honors Society kids are getting a team together, and we're challenging to a fundraiser show down.)

Knitting? Nothing stops the knitting. Plus I've got 12 sweaters to do in 12 months!

Here's the start of number 3

It's all Briar Rose Fibers all the time around here!


Linda said...

Sweater #3 and it's only Feb 4?! Wat to go Holly!!

Holly Bee said...

It's honestly too cold to go sledding, there have been advisories against it...

"Holly you really aren't 29, it's wicked cold, I'm talking a high of 16 f, that's like -9 c, it will hurt to be out in that cold."

That was on the radio.