Monday, February 16, 2009

Kidneys and Tacos!

I originally intended to get this Kidney Kozy completed in one evening.

Turns out it took a week.

But that's 2 knit kozies done, plus this breaking news:

Home Grange in Calhoun County generously donated 10 lap robes!

Plus I hear the Dialysis unit over in Marshall is right across the street from Oye Amigos. Who says you can't drop off your Kidney Kozies and eat your tacos too?

Ah, yes, consumeristic greed, and at such a young age.


tracyb said...

I lied about mailing my package today! The post office is closed! (I didn't know, I swear) my kidney kozy is almost done, plus it's pink, like kidney's! Isn't that cool? (Are kidneys pink?)

Linda said...

Nice job Holly! All those even stitches, makes me want to knit a Kidney Kozy too. As soon as I finish the Turnberry So Easy But Taking Forever Cardigan. And the Maggie Wrap. And a scarf for a blog friend. Yea, I'll get right on that knitting thing.