Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm finally going to admit it

I go do this thing one day a month with a group of ladies.

There's snacks, and treats, and laughing. At first I would lie to my friends and say we're just hanging out. But finally it was leaked that I was going to


I tried to act like I don't like it, and I never said that I actually was a scrapbooker. But now, I think I need to just admit I have a problem.

I was starting to take over Sarah's part of the table. I had even more supplies under the table. Plus, I was making fancy pages. I wasn't just throwing in pictures this time.

Plus we worked on making freebies for the March 14th Charity Scrapbook Retreat we're hosting. Yes, I was making borders, and using the big slicer and not complaining. Except when my cup ran dry.

You're telling me you've never seen how mixed drinks are made?


tracyb said...

Girl, look at your stash of scrapbook stuff! That stuff is expensive, money you could spend on yarn! Just jokes, I always thought scrapbooking would be fun, but I have issues with actually making hard copies of photos. I'm too lazy, and it takes up knitting/spinning time. :) Did you get my mitten swap package?

Linda said...

Envious. I can't crochet two projects at the same time let alone read a book while I have somethin on the hook. Scrapbooking AND kniting AND kidney kozies AND Pigs & Ogres, Oh my! You are multi-talented.

Susie said...

I think you just have a stash addiction. Looks like loads of fun!

Holly Bee said...

SUSIE!!! I think you may be on to something!! I have a stash of fabric and I HATE to sew.

Now that I think about it...I have BEADS too!!!

I have a problem. Or many craft related problems.