Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fiber, Fluff, and...Gizzards?

Saturday was another day of Zombie Prom Date Knitters hitting the road!

River's Edge Weaving Studio hosted a Spin In and how could we resist? I mean, they have zombies to slay in Grand Ledge too, we had to help out.

There were new friends to meet, time to spin and knit in peace, and new fluff separation skills to try out.

No, really lift and separate. Actually, I don't know what I did but it was fun, and fluffy and it's making SWEET colors-like Noro. With my spinning it even has the signature thick and thin.

So many wheels! So much fluff!!

Even I couldn't resist trying to sell my wares.
(Photo that won't show up is supposed to be here)

Chocolate shaped like nephrons to support the National Kidney Foundation!

Check this monoloco:


We couldn't resist getting them out of the felting kit they were in for a quick photo op. I thought just laminating a map of Michigan was sufficient, but actual mitten forms. Will wonders never cease?

Now friends, enemies, neighbors, fellow Roman Coke drinkers why don't we have a fiber in? Half the people who went to Grand Ledge were from...Kalamazoo or Calhoun County. We've already come up with a name. Ka-Ca Spinners. Fitting, no?

WAIT!! The fun didn't end in Grand Ledge for Al and I on our way through Potterville, we noticed two things that got us excited. One, a sign for Joe's Gizzard City. Two, a sign for Hastings. Ah, yes, what is exciting in Hastings.

Well, besides one of the few remaining Ponderosa's, there's The Lady Peddler. You know, The Lady Peddler! You see here at the Michigan Fiber Festival every year! She's also got a store at 142 E. State st, Hastings.

As you may have guessed, more yarn and fiber beat out the Gizzards this time. All I've got to say is, YOU missed out!

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