Friday, February 06, 2009


Dear Knit Picks,

Thank you for making your Options Needles so cheap. It's great that I can afford to have needles in every size break right when I'm in the middle of a project.

Last week, the Harmony version was coming unglued.

This week, the plastic cables are coming undone from the metal connectors.

No, this isn't a great photo, because of the extreme frustration I was experiencing.

Again, thank you for being so cheap. I really makes knitting a joy.

Sincerely Irritated in Michigan


tracyb said...

oh man, that blows. Especially since I was thinking of investing in said needles. Hope you find some suitable replacements, or have the ogre work his magic on them!

Holly Bee said...

Actually, they really are great for the most part. I've never had trouble with the regular Options metal needles, and that was the first cord to break.

It's just SOOOO frustrating, because of course they aren't just going to break when they're in the package, they break when you're using them.

tracyb said...

I know, I have the crappy susan bates ones and the tips would always come unscrewed from the cables while I was knitting. It's one of those "holy s*&t" moments.