Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol? Give me Tina Fey

The Ogre watches American Idol, and his mom watches American Idol. Spinsanity wouldn't meet us at Fabrications because it was AI night.

(Fabrications Fun will be posted Monday-my camera is currently awol)

Due to these facts, I watched American Idol and like Simon, I only speak the truth.

Jesse-aka forehead girl-She's skinny. Where's Mama Cass when you need her to give her a ham sandwich? Wait, better yet, take that ham sandwich put it on her forehead. Or brush her eyebrows back to hide that thing. Dang, my forehead isn't that big is it? I'm gonna get me some bangs.

Adam Lambert-Community College rendition of a Mama Mia-esque Rolling Stones play. Wow.

Then I lost interest. See if you can give me names for these.

1. Bad gay cabaret.
2. Wait! Rick Fox is on American Idol?! I thought he was more Dancing with the Stars material.

Even the judges weren't safe from judging!

She's really mean for how not pretty she is.

That last statement could also be applied to me.

Which warranted this response from the Ogre "Hating other women doesn't make you a feminist, it just makes you a bitch."

Nicely played Ogre, nicely played.


tracyb said...

The Ogre is hilarious! I only watched the first hour, but bad gay cabaret guy is Nick, he won't make it. I liked the sixteen year old red head who was super boring in interviews but really kicked ass singing. What do we call her?

mono loco said...

Tell the Ogre that hating other women doesn't make you a feminist -- it makes you a woman.

Jenny said...

Holly! I may be taking my kiddoes to the sc mcd's today since there is no school. So....if you all are bored, come knit with us.

Susie said...

Love what Ogre had to say!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, the Ogre and I are quite the comedy team. At least we crack us up.

Jenny!! Thanks for the invite! We were in Chicago!