Friday, January 23, 2009

Where to do it in Kalamazoo

Knitting in Public. It's a right of passage for knitters. The first time is a bit intimidating, after that, you'll whip it out just about anywhere. I don't suggest knitting in a public restroom, but maybe that's just me.

In Kalamazoo County here are some places we've knit, as a group or separately:

1. Water Street Coffee Joint-Oakland dr location
Comfy couches in back, sometimes hard to get a seat. The employees love us (we tip well) some of the more studious types in the establishment don't enjoy our carefree attitude.

Threatened with violence: 1

2. Plum Crazy Ice Cream-North Westnedge
This location is a counter service with delicious ice cream. Many just come in for cones and leave, so a group taking up space does not interfere. As for seating-well, I'd rather stand.

3. Summer Tyme-Portage rd
I have not been to this locale, but I hear it is nice, understanding and comfy.

4. Bell's Brewery-downtown
Bell's hates groups of knitters. The light is dim and they don't play requests.

Threatened with violence: 2

5. Theo & Stacy's-Portage rd
These people love a crowd. The more the better, plus flaming cheese! They have a folding wall to separate us from the quiet bunch.

Did I mention flaming cheese? Right. Plus this where the phrase Roman Coke was coined.

6. Handweavers Inspiring Yarn-Oakland Plaza
I hate it there, others think it's fine. I hate the barky dog, the uncomfortable bench, and the chairful of bowlies inspired table cloth has been known to cause motion sickness. But if that's your gig, do as you please. Oh, they do have couches, I've never been able to get near one at a social function.

7. WMU Sporting events

Lawson arena parking lot before football games. Perfect location! Bring a chair, your beverage of choice and knit and trash talk football. My fav.

Waldo Stadium-Dry stadium, built in a time before people had legs. Seating is cramped, knitting can be accomplished, but you may have to have the row in front of you hold your yarn. Small projects only.

Lawson Arean-HOCKEY!!! Excellent place to knit. Blanket knitting would be loved by your friends. The chilly air makes knitting extremly enjoyable, and sensible. The seats are roomy, and have a back!

Please note, sitting behind the goalie is desirable if knitting is in your Hockey viewing plans. There is a net to keep random pucks out of your teeth. Plus, if you sit by the bench, those guys are pretty, in a Clive Owen/Daniel Craig kind of way, but they stink. They stink enough to make you regret those nachos.

8. Olde Peninsula Brew Pub
I love knitting here. I drop my car off for an oil change and walk on down to the Pub, knitting in tow. The booths are nice to knit in, the beer is great, and the wait staff...EXCELLENT!!

If you are loud, no one can hear you anyway, it's always loud in there. There is also a small side room if you are ashamed of your knitting.

9. Koffee Klutch-Galesburg
Super nice owner, convienently located between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Small area, but not often busy due to it's location.

Day After Thanksgiving Incident '08-their website posted they would be open, we arrived and they were closed.

10. Good to Go Cafe-Vicksburg
Ok, ask Laura, she was the only one who made it. I suspect it could be awesome. Great food, only really busy at lunch time, and then, well, it's Vicksburg, how busy could it get.

I've got my sights on a new coffee shop in Scotts. Yeah, Scotts. I was weirded out by commerce there too.

Main St Pub's usually have a seperate room. That seems good. Bennuci's-I love me some pasta.
I've also been thinking about that Chocola-Tea on Westnedge. Although it's pretty close to the cop shop.


Linda said...

Where to do it! Whip it out anywhere! LMAO! Too funny! Sounds like you all have lots of great choices when it comes to KIP. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Is knitting in a knit shop really knitting in public? It was not my favorite either.

There is a new place in Battle Creek by the Columbia St Meijer. It is called Your Local Yarn Shop. They have a "living room."


Holly Bee said...

Chickenlady! Good point about knitting in a knitting shop!

I have been to the new one in The Creek! I have not knit there though.

Linda said...

I, personally, have also knit at Louie's Bar, Miller Auditorium [before and during intermission], McKenzie's Bakery [downtown]; and the Wine Loft [nice furniture, expensive/but good can be a problem]
the other Linda....