Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mits, Harmony and, and, Salt Shakers

Dear Don't Get Your Hands Dirty Zombie Slaying-Mitten Swap Friend,

Here is a sample of your mittens. Don't worry, if you don't like this one, the second one doesn't technically match. Ok, they sort of match, but the thumb is on the other side. Which, nearly didn't happen.

It has not been swatched, but I swear, that is hand shape. Ok, that is the shape of my hands. Man, I have some skinny hands! Good luck with those fitting.

That's why I threw in some extra stuff, you know like yarn, the exact same yarn these poor mittens were made from, so you can, you know, make mittens that fit you better.

PLUS-I was feeling guilty, so I got you some beautiful, artisan made stitch markers. Really, from a beautiful artisan-Laura!

First Time Mitten Maker

What's this you say? Why those are knitpicks Harmony Needles jabbed in my salt shaker of course. Why do you ask?

Oh, you don't keep your knitpicks Harmony needles in your seasonings? Well, I had to because the damn things (I promised myself I wouldn't swear) did not bring me Harmony, they brought me turmoil, and a mild case of wanting to kill something. Which is fine if your main job is zombie slayer. Which trust me, does not pay as much as I thought it would initially. Big on glory, low on pay.

So the supposed Harmony. Let's say the name is against my better judgement. Really, I'd rather go to Hell, Michigan than Freedom, California, because really, at least Hell is being straightforward.

Harmony, only if it means "breaks at the seam while knitting and causes great DIS Harmony."

The Ogre got the needles out of my hands during a tirade of swears and Gorilla Glued them and another questionable bit of Harmony. Leading to the salt shaker drying system.

This, this is my lovely sweater. Look closely and you will notice it's cute patterned yoke.

But don't look too closely, because this is a "work in progress" photo, and not the finished lovely.


Linda said...

The mitten and sweater look lovely! I like the colors too:)

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Crap, I totally forgot to add "Gorilla Glue is your friend" to that "KP Harmonies are da bomb!" endorsement. They really do need to work on that glue issue. Hope no stitches were harmed/lost in the curse-fest.